May 28, 2024

Case study: How Impact Concerts does more with Cymbal

Team Cymbal

Since 2018, Impact Concerts has been driving independent live music forward in the Hudson Valley. From helping Levon Helm Studios transition into a staple music destination to developing their current series at Arrowood Farms after the pandemic, Drew Frankel, Peter Himberger, and the team have always tried to leverage cutting-edge technology for their events.

“We’ve tried many different marketing tools but always wanted something a little more integrated, a little more automated, and at the right price…then we found Cymbal” - Drew Frankel

In late 2023, they turned to Cymbal and haven’t looked back. Taking advantage of the seamless integration with Tixr, their primary ticketing system, Impact has used Cymbal to manage email and SMS campaigns to promote their events. 


Impact’s favorite thing about Cymbal? The SMS tools. Impact Concerts gets a local phone number in their market, fully branded contact cards, and an easy-to-use campaign builder.

Interestingly, Impact Concerts had never tried SMS before switching to Cymbal. Since launching the program, they’ve grown their list dramatically and seen a huge boost in ticket sales.

With the actionable data available to them in Cymbal’s intuitive dashboards, Impact aims to continue optimizing this channel with our team.


Using Cymbal, Impact has optimized most of its onsale process. With newsletters, event announcements, and know-before-you-go emails pre-scheduled with fully branded templates, Drew never has to rush to get an email out at 10 a.m. 

To maximize campaign performance and deliverability, Cymbal makes it simple for Impact to target its audience by genre, location, or engagement level.

Plus, our tracking links are fully branded and optimized to load quickly, so Impact never misses a sale.

Working with Cymbal

It’s not often that promotion teams feel like the technology platforms they work with truly have their back. With Cymbal, Impact Concerts has leaned in with our account strategists to drive new subscribers, dream up new features, and find ways to move faster. 

“It’s been amazing for us as a growing company, learning to do things better, to work with [Cymbal] and feel like you’re doing the same – by building a product that makes promoters' lives easier.” - Drew Frankel

The flexible nature of the Cymbal platform means Impact sees new features and improvements nearly every week, not a few times a year, so they're always confident they're using the latest and greatest marketing tools designed for live events.

What’s next for Impact and Cymbal? Follow our blog to keep up with the latest. 

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Team Cymbal